Narter & Partners provides legal consultancy services in the field of mergers and acquisitions to many local and international clients. In this context, Narter and Partners provides legal consultancy services to its clients in the completion of transactions such as mergers and capital structuring, sale-purchase of private companies and publicly held companies, preparation of share transfer documents, structuring of multiple legal entities, investment negotiations, sale-purchase of shares of company shareholders or merger of more than one company or division of a company, type change. 

Narter & Partners provides the following services in the field of the mergers and acquisitions:

  • Preparation and negotiation of merger agreements,
  • Preparation of letter of intent,
  • Completion of legal reporting processes (Due Diligence),
  • Preparation and negotiation of share sales agreements, 
  • Reorganization after share transfers,
  • Integration after mergers and acquisitions,
  • Completion of closure transactions.