ESG & Sustainability2022-09-26T11:18:36+03:00

With the innovations in the field of Environment, Social Policies, and Governance (ESG), concepts such as environment, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility have become fundamental issues in today’s business world. In a competitive environment increasing day by day, companies intend to stay ahead of their competitors by aiming to raise awareness in the fields of ESG & Sustainability, plan projects, and make relevant investments.
Narter & Partners has extensive experience in developing ESG, green and sustainable finance models, carbon emission monitoring and reporting activities, emissions trading systems, Corporate Social Responsibility policies for its clients, and carbon emission management strategies. Furthermore, we help our clients identify the regulatory processes and legal risks that arise as a result of ESG projects and sustainable activities.
As Narter & Partners, we support our clients in the determination, monitoring and reporting of green financing instruments such as Green Loan, Green Bond, Sustainability Linked Loan and their related KPIs (key performance indicators), of which worldwide transaction volumes have increased significantly in recent years.

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