Narter & Partners provides legal consultancy services in the field of information technology law to many local and international clients. In this context, as Narter and Partners, we provide legal consultancy services to our clients operating in the field of informatics in compliance with IT law regulations, protection of personal data, and data security.

Narter & Partners provides the following services regarding the IT law:

  • Providing legal consultancy services in the fields of IT Law;
  • Providing consultancy services on obtaining permissions in fields of activity that require administrative permission;
  • Establishing the necessary systems and providing the required consultancy services in order to carry out the works and transactions related to the collected and stored data in accordance with the law;
  • Ensuring processes and regulations in compliance with the Protection of Personal Data Law and relevant legislation,
  • Providing services in the processes of blocking access,
  • Monitoring of cybercrime processes,
  • Following up on the decisions of the Information Technology Institution,
  • Providing specific legal solutions in the fields of Information Technologies.