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As Narter & Partners established in Turkey, we hereby inform you as data controller that your personal data will be recorded, stored, maintained, organized, disclosed with institutions which are legally authorized to request these personal data, and may be transferred to third persons within and outside the country under the conditions set forth in KVKK, assigned, classified and processed in other formats listed in KVKK:

  • In accordance with law and good faith,
  • By maintaining the accuracy and (when necessary) the most recent form of the personal data you disclose,
  • For clear, open and legal purposes,
  • In a way that is relevant, limited and restricted to the purpose of benefiting from our services as a candidate.


Your personal data that may be processed by us regarding visitors are as follows:

Contact Information – e-mail (provided by you.)


Your personal data are collected by filling the e-newsletter subscription tab on the Narter & Partners website. Your personal data will be processed within the scope of this disclosure text in accordance with the KVKK, and the e-mails to be sent to you will be forwarded upon your explicit consent form.


Your data is not shared with third parties.


Provided that you personally prove your identity to us pursuant to article 11 of KVKK, you have the following rights in relation to your personal data;  

  • To learn whether our Office processed your personal data, and if processed, to request relevant information,
  • To learn the processing purpose of your personal data and whether these are used for relevant purposes,
  • To learn whether your personal data are transferred within or outside the country and to whom these are transferred.

In addition, you have the right to request our Office to correct your inaccurate or deficient personal data and to inform the recipients to whom these data are or might be transferred.

You may request our Office to dispose (erase, destruct or anonymize) your personal data within the framework of conditions set forth in Article 7 of KVKK. At the same time, you may request our Office to inform third persons to whom these data are or might be transferred about this request for destruction. However, your request for destruction shall be evaluated by our party based on the conditions of the material case in order to decide for suitable method. In this context, you always have the right to request information from us about why we chose this specific method of destruction.

You have the right to object the results of the personal data analysis created by using an exclusively automatic system, if these results are against your interest.

You have the right to request for compensation of damage in the event you incur loss due to unlawful processing of your personal data.

Pursuant to Art. 11 of KVKK, you can forward your requests for implementation of the Law as well as all kinds of requests for information related to processing of your personal data to [email protected] e-mail address via an e-mail address signed by your individual secure electronic signature or mobile signature or in writing to the address 19 Mayıs Mah. Dr. Hüsnü İsmet Öztürk Sok. No: 3 Elit Residence Kat: 20 D: 48, Şişli/Istanbul (via notary public or registered letter with return receipt). In addition, if your electronic mail address was previously notified by you to our party and registered in our system, you may also forward your requests in relation to this electronic mail address. Pursuant to provisions of article 5 of Communique on Procedures and Principles Regarding the Applications Made to the Data Controller, your application must include your name and surname, your signature if your application is in writing, your ID number if you are a citizen of Republic of Turkey, your passport number or (if any) identity number if you are foreign, your correspondence address or workplace address, your electronic mail address for correspondence (if any), telephone and fax number, and subject of request. 

The applications to be made by you within this context shall be concluded free of charge and as soon as possible, however within 30 days at the latest. However, if the procedure requires an additional cost, a fee might be collected based on the tariff determined by the Committee for Protection of Personal Data.