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The protection of personal data has become great important with the entry into force of the Protection of Personal Data Law. Online platforms have increased with the developing technology. Public institutions and private organizations collect, refrain, process and transfer some data on persons. Persons share more data than necessary with such transactions, and this brings a set of dangers such as using such data against them. Therefore, regulations have been set forth in order to protect the data of persons and obligations have been also imposed on data controllers to whom persons share their data. Such obligations particularly concern the information processing and human resources departments of companies. As Narter & Partners, both training and consultancy regarding the compliance process of personal data protection are provided to companies.
Narter & Partners provides the following services in the field of the protection of personal data:
• Preparation of Data Inventory within the scope of company activities,
• Editing Data Controllers’ Registry Information System (VERBIS) registration,
• Issuance of compliance reports for departments,
• Preparation of the Clarification Texts,
• Preparation of documents within the scope of explicit consent obligation,
• Preparation of data owner application form draft response text and responding to the applications of data owners,
• Preparation of the Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy,
• Preparation of Personal Data Retention and Destruction Policy,
• Preparation of the Policy for the Protection and Processing of Personal Data in Special Nature,
• Preparation of Data Violation Policy,
• Preparation of Cookies Policy,
• Preparation of the Risk Evaluation,
• Preparation of Consent Forms and formation of the consent process,
• Preparation of Additional Protocol and Standard Agreement Articles,
• Reviewing all current employment agreements in the workplace and making prospective revisions on the same,
• Preparation of employee/personnel consents with regard to personal data,
• Reviewing agreements to be concluded by and between third persons and company suppliers regarding personal data,
• Preparation of training on Data Protection,
• Preparation of Memorandum regarding Data Confidentiality,

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