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Communiqué on Shopping Malls has been published in the Official Gazette dated 26 February 2016 and numbered 29636.

The main novelties introduced by Communiqué, which regulates the opening, activities and audit of retail businesses, for shopping malls, are highlighted as follows; -Shopping malls have one year to bring their operations into compliance with the Communiqué on Shopping Malls. -Common areas, such as emergency medical care units, prayer rooms and child care rooms, must be established in shopping malls within the required standards. -Space for artisans and craftsmen must be allocated in shopping malls. -Starting and ending dates of sale campaigns and shopping “festivals” must be set before the campaign or festival. -Discount stores that sell clearance, season-end, export...
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Foreign landlords with property in Turkey are required to file tax returns to Turkish financial authorities by March 25

Since the subject matter of this news is tax treatment of income derived from the rental of immovable properties and rights in Turkey by limited liable taxpayers (non-residents), it is wiser to confine the scope of the article solely to the definitions made in Turkish Personal Income Tax Law with regard to tax liability and its implications when applied to income gained from immovable properties and rights. Turkish Personal Income Tax Law (PITL) employs residency criteria to distinguish between unlimited and limited tax liabilities. Residents are, according to the PITL, individuals with legal permanent residence in Turkey and those who...
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